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Commission - vatrou 9 by splatpixel Commission - vatrou 9 by splatpixel
Commission for vatrou :iconvatrou: of his characters Eva and Dickens.

The Monster Within

Of the most invasive species in the entire Galaxy the Thorian Thrashers are of the most dangerous and infamously difficult to remove once they’ve settled on a new planet. With skin hard as steel that increases in density every decade; older Thorian Thrashers are nearly unkillable they regenerate ridiculously fast and any damage dealt is usually negated in a manner of minutes leaving a short window where they are vulnerable to attack.

Thankfully they are a slow breeding species, matting every couple hundred years or so, and only bearing a few offspring. A Parent usually the one who gave birth to them will always stay besides them as they grow and learn for the next two years in that time they have attained an understanding of hunting techniques and fine control over their own tendrils and can change their size at will. Since they are such slow breeders Thorian Thrashers are hermaphrodites, as they can change their gender at will to match any other Thrasher they come across. While they do hunt and live on their own, they can be surprisingly sociable creatures among their kind often staying among others for extended periods of time, it has been observed that they can be playful, curious and downright dumb. Usually they don’t stay dumb for long as they eventually understand how things work and what they are, they don’t understand details but they’re smart enough to know that ships can take them to new planets and that food can be found hiding in unlikely places combining that with their ability to control their size and tendrils and they can almost root out any prey. Thorian Thrashers are remnants of a long lost civilization who were never intended to be left to their own devices and evolve naturally, without the leash of some unknown extinct Alien race they continued jumping from planet to planet by hiding on ships using any means possible.

What is unknown though is why they imprint on creatures outside of their species,  It’s not entirely known  why they imprint on other creatures and races, many think that their simple minds perceive those capable of killing a Thrasher an Alpha like that of their older kind. Perhaps as a sign of, respect? Even though Thorian Thrashers are of the oldest creatures in the Galaxy there is still not a lot known about them to theorize a possible answer to this question.  Not many are sure who tampered with their original DNA, but they do know their long lifespans is one of few fragments that have remained among them over the long Eons All of which became Alphas, those remaining that is. Studies show that Alphas retained whatever programming they were left with, and past it down through example and vocal cues to imprint some semblance of restraint, otherwise they could easily decimate a ecosystem. Some believe whoever altered their DNA, might have left some backdoor into their minds, a IFF system to determine Friend from Foe, and while research has been slow, it would seem that they do identify creatures with such a method. Allowing them to mark prey animals depending upon overpopulation or what can be sustained.

Thorian Thrashers don’t really need to breed, since they’re so infamously difficult to kill that not a lot can kill them save heavy armor piercing ordinance or advanced plasma or gauss weaponry. Anything that can punch through their thick armored skin. With a pasty white pigmentation and massive beaked head which tentacles can sprout from; Thrashers have a thick white goop as blood and at the center lies a red gem that acts as their heart. It maintains their form and regenerative abilities and if removed causes them to  spasm violently as their body explodes in a mass of tentacles in every which direction until they have pulled everything towards them. Their six eyes, three on either side of their head allow them to see better in the night as well as thermal heat all living things give off

Thorian Thrashers are terrifyingly effective at eating, their unique biology even among other Alien species sets them apart. Able to break down all organic material, bacteria and viruses included. Rotten fruits and meats have no ill effects as they do not have organs and blood, just liquid white goop that is the building blocks for their muscles and flesh. These which can be reformed allow the creatures to change size to better suit their prey, it is believed the Thorian Thrashers were once more simple creatures before a long extinct Alien race meddled with their DNA, being natural bio organic computers with a rapidly regenerating tissue and unable to contract disease and sickness they originally were sent to planets containing lower based lifeforms to control and colonize future planets for expansion, they also unknowingly removed malicious bacteria and viruses passively just by being there. Their skin is coated with a layer of goop so thin it is almost nonexistent not only does this layer keep them clean it also consumes any incoming bacteria good or bad making them the single cleanest creature in existence. Even dirt and grime are brushed off and or consumed by this offensive layer.  
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